Case Study One Gun Point Dartmouth Devon

All drawings from this project are provided by Lee Guilfoyle –

Planning permission had already been granted under application 0751/18/FUL on this site for the demolition of the existing structure and construction of two new detached contemporary & modern water side dwellings. JMC Drain Consultants were asked to design and submit a drainage scheme for both the surface water and foul proposals for the work in order to discharge the planning conditions regards the drainage.

After an initial site visit it was clear this was a complex and interesting scheme with the proposed dwellings located immediately on the main River Dart.

Surface Water

Looking closely at the proposed plans it was evident that the dwellings could not accommodate a soakaway scheme following the drainage hierarchy with direct reference to current building regulations section H. Documents were drafted up to satisfy the planning authority that this was the case and this was duly accepted by the planning department. 

In order to meet planning requirements, the next option was to discharge the surface water run off to the adjacent water course via an attenuation tank and limit off site discharge to prevent excess discharge to the watercourse.

As this was for two separate dwellings then two separate attenuation schemes had to be designed along with all relative calculations to allow for 1:100 year storm event and a 40% allowance for climate change.

Taking into account the location of the new dwellings any discharge into the adjacent water course must pass through an oil separator  also know as a petrol interceptor.

A detailed proposal was submitted for this unit and to avoid unnecessary emptying this device was coupled with an alarm to indicate relevant oil levels. The level of detail helps the end user to use the equipment to its most economical capacity and at the same time adhering to all the necessary strict regulations.

Foul Water Treatment

At the request of the client it was proposed to connect to the main foul infrastructure in the town however given the location of the site in relation to the nearest mains connection point was over 107 meters away and on a higher level.

Initially South West Water were contacted to confirm all of this was possible and once agreed a detailed scheme was designed which involved the supplier Klargester providing details for a proposed pumping station coupled with and alarm installation in case of failure.

To further complicate the project the proposed dwellings are to be constructed some 3.5 m below ground level (at the lowest point) meaning a detailed design had to be submitted to satisfy the local planning authority.


The complex project was designed in conjunction with the Water authority and the infrasture suppliers to achieve a very positive scheme for what will be a very prestigious and land mark building in the future when completed.

Full and detailed reports, drawings & calculations were submitted for the scheme to the local planning authority and this was given approval first time in a matter of weeks. This reinforces the level of detail and commitment JMC Drain Consultants pursued for this project on behalf of the client.

The client Mr James Crockett commented on the works:

I have no hesitation in recommending Joe.

Our need was to address two planning conditions.

        To provide full details of drainage scheme for the surface water.

        To provide details of the works for the disposal of sewage.

Joe quoted 6 months before I asked him to go ahead with the work. The price remained the same except for changes I made to the work required.

Joe met me on site and fully understood our requirements and the detail of the nature of the site, then quickly produced a scheme for both the rainwater drainage and sewage and explained the details that I did not understand.

Joe dealt with communicating with South West Water, getting information from personnel he has dealt with many times, and ensuring the proposals met their criteria.

The plans were submitted and were successful in discharging the relevant planning conditions without any change or revision being required.

I have found Joe to be knowledgeable, helpful and responsive through the whole process and have no hesitation in recommending Joe

The full application can be viewed on the West Devon Planning Portal under application number: 0056/21/ARC